ICT Email Troubleshooting Post Migration

If you are not able to access your email through one of the following channels post migration: Outlook Desktop Application, the Email & Calendar link within PAWS, or via Outlook Web Access please try the following:

  1. Flush your computer's DNS cache:
    1. Windows
    2. Mac
    3. iOS 7 and higher (iphone, ipad, ipod)
  2. Reset or refresh your web browser:
    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. Internet Explorer
  3. Clear your web browser cache/cookies:
    1. Chrome
    2. Chrome for Android & iOS 7 and higher (iphone, ipad, ipod)
    3. Firefox
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. Safari
    6. Safari for iOS 7 and higher (iphone, ipad, ipod)
  4. Restart your computer.
If you are still unable to access your email, contact the ICT Service Desk.


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