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Reporting Spam Messages, Phishing Attempts or Abusive Emails

Spam Messages - The university has stringent software in place that is designed to filter out and blocks unsolicited email (advertisements, announcements, etc.,) from addresses that you are unfamiliar with or have not had any dealings with. However, on occasion these kind of messages will still appear within you inbox. Simply delete these messages from your inbox or if the messages persist, forward the spam message to

Phishing Attempts – Email messages that attempt to collect private information by impersonating the University of Saskatchewan or other reputable organizations should be forwarded immediately to Knowing how to detect and report phishing emails is an important responsibility for all email users to help protect the information of the university and its community members.

Abusive Emails – If you receive an email message that includes inappropriate language or content, please forward the message to the ICT Service Desk at or if you believe your person safety is being threatened please contact University of Saskatchewan Protective Services at 306-966-5555 or

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