Email - Set-up Guide BlackBerry OS 6 (IMAP)

This is the setup guide for email on BlackBerry OS6.

Please Note: If you have not already created an e-mail alias for your e-mail address, please login to MyProfile to create one.

  1. Power on your BlackBerry device.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon to perform a search. 
  3. Type "email" in the search dialogue box and select the Email Setup icon.
  4. Select Email Setup Application to begin email setup.
    Email Setup Application 
  5. Select Other from the list.
    Choose Other 
  6. Fill in your email address as (i.e. and password (same password as you use to log into PAWS).

  7. Select Continue to finalize the setup.
  8. If activation fails, continue to the next step.
    Error message  
  9. Select I will provide the settings.
    Client will provide settings.  
  10. Select POP/IMAP. Enter "" in the email server field and type your NSID in the user name field. Select Continue to finalize the setup procedure.
  11. Press Close and navigate back to your Home screen.  
  12. A new icon will appear on your Home screen for the newly added email account. 

New icon appears

Note: For BlackBerry Exchange Service (BES) account setup, please contact your local IT support group.

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