Email - Set-up Guide Android 2.3

This is the setup guide for email on Android 2.3.  Please be advised that some manufacturers' user interfaces may vary causing the directions to differ accordingly. For further assistance, please contact the ICT Service Desk.


  1. OS Android 2.3 or higher (For Android 2.2 use this guide ; to find out about your device’s OS version: From the home screen, tap the “Menu” button at the bottom-left corner of your device -> choose Settings -> About Phone -> Firmware Version.)

  2. If you have not already created an email alias for your email account, please create one.

Email Setup Guide

1. Select SETTINGS on your home screen.


2. Choose ACCOUNTS AND SYNC from the settings menu.

accounts and sync

3. Choose ADD ACCOUNT.

add account

4. Select CORPORATE.


5. Type in the following information:

  • E-mail: Enter your UofS e-mail alias for your email account. (i.e. If you havent got an alias for your account yet, please create one.
  • Password: Enter your NSID password.

 enter info

6. Click NEXT.

7. Type in the following information:

  • Domain\Username: USASK\NSID (i.e. USASK\abc123)
  • Password: Your NSID password
  • Exchange Server:


8. Set a check mark for USE SECURE CONNECTION (SSL).

9. Click NEXT.  Your Exchange account information will now be verified.

10. In the following window you can now decide how much and what information you want to synchronize.  

NOTE: Some devices at this stage will have the option to SYNC SMS. We advise disabling this as it will send a copy of your text messages to your Campus email account.

Once you have done so, click NEXT.


11. Your account is now set up and you can label it.  (i.e. Give this account a name: ; Your Name: Joe Doe )  Once entered, click DONE to finish.


12. Your Samsung Galaxy S/S2 will now start synchronization of your e-mail, contacts and calendar.  When selecting EMAIL from the home screen, you will have access to all your e-mail folders and from CONTACTS and CALENDAR to your contacts and appointments -- directly from your smartphone.

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