Email - Set-up Guide Windows Phone 8

Step 1: From the right side of screen, swipe to the left to see all of the installed applications and icons, and scroll down and tap Settings.

tap settings

Step 2: Tap email + accounts.

tap email and accounts

Step 3: Tap add an account.

tap add an account

Step 4: Tap advance setup (at the bottom)

tap advanced setup

Step 5: Type in your email address (i.e. your Nameserve Alias (i.e. or or

type in your email address

Step 6: Tap next at the bottom.

tap next

Step 7: Tap Exchange ActiveSync

tap exchange activesync

Step 8: Type in the following information:

  • Username: Your NSID (i.e. abc123)

  • Domain: USASK

  • Server:

type in information

Step 9: Make sure Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection is checked

SSL checked

Step 10: Type in whatever you want for Account Name (such as UofS Email)

type in a name for the account

Step 11: Select how much of your account you want to sync (i.e. the past 3, 7, etc days)

select days to sync

Step 12: Check what you want to sync (Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks)

select what to sync

Step 13: Tap Sign in

tap sign in

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