Spam Filtering and Blocking

We have implemented spam filtering software to help reduce the large volume of unsolicited mail (Junk Mail or spam) received.

Spam Filtering

All incoming email is scanned by the filtering software. Email sent from one ICT Server to another ICT Server will not be filtered. The filtering software analyzes the email according to rules that are updated daily and assigns each message a "score." The score of the message is used as indicated below:

  • If score is below 60 the message is delivered to your inbox.
  • If score is between 60 and 100 the message is put into quarantine.

You are periodically sent a quarantine digest email that outlines email sent to you that was placed in quarantine. The subject line for the digest is typically “Quarantined spam messages since…” and includes a recent date. You may choose to release quarantined messages.

Releasing Quarantined Spam

To release only some of the messages in the digest click on each message's ID and send the automatically created reply message.

To release all messages listed in the quarantine digest, send a reply to the digest message and those messages will be automatically sent to your inbox.

Spam Blocking

We subscribe to MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevent System), a spam blocking/relay-block service that blocks e-mail from known spamming sites.

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