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E-mail - Set-up Guide Outlook 2010

NOTE: If your account was migrated to Office365, you will need to use the guides on

This set-up guide will use information for Alpha Charlie as an example. Alpha Charlie has as an e-mail address and has as an e-mail alias.

Please Note: An e-mail alias (e.g. is used when setting up Outlook 2010. If you have not already created an e-mail alias for your e-mail address, please login to myprofile to create one.  

1. Add a new exchange account:

  • Click Start>>Control Panel>>Mail 

2. If you have no existing Outlook Profile, go to step 3. If you already have an existing Outlook Profile, the Mail Setup - Outlook window will pop-up. Click "Show Profiles...":

Mail Setup - Show Profiles

3. Click "Add..." to create a new Outlook Profile:


4. Provide a name for your profile and click "OK":


5. Click "New..." to create a new account from the Account Settings Window:
Click new.

6. In the Auto Account Setup screen, enter:

  • "Your Name" as you want your name to appear when you send mail (e.g. Alpha Charlie).
  • The "E-mail address:" field is the address that shows as the "from" address when you send mail. Enter your e-mail alias instead of your actual address.(e.g.
  • Select "Manually configure server settings or additional server types":

Manually configure settings.

  • Click "Next" to proceed.

7. In the Choose Service screen, ensure that "Microsoft Exchange or compatible service" is selected:

Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service.
  • Click "Next" to proceed.

8. In the Server Settings screen,

  • enter "" as Server. 

  • Please make sure "User Cached Exchange Mode" has been checked. 

  • Ensure you type in your LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME in the User Name field.

9. Click "More Settings...".

10. In the Microsoft Exchange window on the General tab:

  • Enter the name by which you would like to refer to this account (e.g. Exchange Account).

Account name.

11. In the Microsoft Exchange window on the Connection tab:

  • Select "Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN)". 

  • Please make sure "connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" has been checked.

Select LAN connection.

12.  Click "Exchange Proxy Settings...".

13. Configure the Exchange Proxy Setting as below:

Exchange Proxy Settings
  • Click "Ok" to save changes. 

  • Click "Apply" and "OK" to proceed.

  • Click "Next" to proceed.       

14. In the Mail Application window, select "Use another account".

15. Enter "usask\your NSID" (e.g. usask\abc123) and your password. Click "OK" to proceed:
Entering login information.

16. The Mail Delivery Location window will pop-up.

  • Click "OK" to proceed.

17. Click "Finish". The Outlook 2010 E-mail setup is complete. 

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