Data Services - Primary Responsibilities

Providing leadership and coordination of institution-wide information management strategy, activities and initiatives

Key activities include:

  • Collaboration with the campus community regarding data stewardship, governance and authority for institutional information management.
  • Alignment of information initiatives to institutional priorities.
  • Establishment/oversight of information management processes including the collection, storage, maintenance, cataloguing, use, dissemination and disposal of data.
  • Development and promotion of policies, procedures, principles, standards and guidelines to the campus community.
  • Facilitation of training, communication, and awareness of information management and business intelligence.
  • Development of institutional website and mediums to communicate information management initiatives, practices, etc.
  • Education on best practices in data and information management and use.

Engaging in partnerships with campus colleges and units to leverage information assets

Key activities include:

  • Consultation with senior administration, data stewards, colleges and units to identify opportunities to incorporate business intelligence solutions to leverage information for management or strategic purposes.
  • Collaboration with colleges and administrative units to gather, integrate data into the institutional data warehouse and provision information to the campus community.
  • Collaboration on initiatives for improving the dissemination and use of information to the campus community.

Developing and maintaining the institutional data warehouse and business intelligence architecture

Key activities include:

  • Management and oversight of the institutional data warehouse, data marts and business intelligence solutions
  • Guidance on software tools and applications for business intelligence and reporting
  • Coordination of the development and maintenance of the institutional metadata repository (i.e. data definitions and business rules)
  • Oversight and guidance on the access, protection and security of institutional data/information
  • Development and facilitation of initiatives for improving and maintaining institutional data quality (i.e. accuracy, reliability, integrity and completeness)

Providing the authoritative source of institutional information for planning, performance measurement and decision making activities

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