FAQs - General

1. What is DATASTORE?

DATASTORE is a mass storage service provided by ICT, designed to store researcher data.

2. Why is DATASTORE needed?

The time, effort and equipment needed to generate or collect research data makes it one of the most expensive assets in the research enterprise.  It needs protection. Computer hard drives, thumb drives and external drives are suitable for short-term or temporary storage, but they are not appropriate as secure and reliable long term storage. Furthermore, DATASTORE will help collectively secure all internal systems by ensuring everyone has quality storage that offer a level of protection from external or internal attacks.

3. Why does ICT pay so much for storage when I can get a 4 TB external drive at the Campus Computer Store for $150?

Consumer grade storage devices (USB drives, external hard drives) are designed to meet the needs of light users and often don't last long and are designed to be replaced frequently. The devices ICT purchases are engineered to meet the rigorous demand DATASTORE of running a research enterprise, for many users and are built to last longer and to higher standard DATASTORE. Furthermore, DATASHARE uses tap back-up to further secure your data.

4. Why is ICT providing this service?

ICT recognizes securing research data as strategically important to the researcher, the research enterprise and the University. With that, ICT is committed to providing quality storage to secure your data and mitigiate against loss, theft or damage.

5. How do I access DATASTORE from my WORK computer?

DATASTORE is provisioned in much the same way you experience other storage services. A mapped drive is connected to your machine through Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). It connects to your desktop in the sme way you connect to USB drives, external drives, Cabinet and Jade.

6. How do I access DATASTORE from my HOME computer?

DATASTORE is accessed from home in much the same way you access other internal services. You will need to install, set-up and login to the VPN service first. See here for more details.

7. Are students, Post-Doc Fellows (PDFs) and staff able to use DATASTORE?

Yes, non-faculty are able to access data on DATASTORE through their supervisors. However, only faculty may subscribe to DATASTORE (see eligibility).

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