FAQ - New User

1. How do I subscribe to DATASTORE?

To request space, you need to complete this form.

Please request assistance for this service through the email address: research_computing@usask.ca

2. What are the rates and how much space do I get?

Eligible faculty are entitled to 1 TB, 2 TB or up to 3 TB of Basic storage at no charge. Storage beyond 3 TB is available at the rate of $50 / TB per year. Groups and centers are eligible for the same discounted rates at $50 / TB per year from 1- 100 TB, however, Groups and centers are not eligible for the free space (3 TB).

3. Can I pool my storage with the group.

No. Basic storage is made available to the researcher exclusively. Research groups and centers must request space separately.

4. How long does it take get access to this new service?

Provisioning space only take a few minutes, however managing the large number of service requests we receive daily, may create delays. We commit to provide access within 2 business days.

5. How do I access my data on DATASTORE?

DATASTORE is accessed in the same way you experience other storage services on campus (i.e. USB drives, external drives, Cabinet, Jade). A mapped drive is connected to your machine through Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

6. How do I connect DATASTORE to my Linux / Mac / Windows box?

DATASTORE can be connected to a wide variety of operating systems including Linux, OSX (Mac) and Windows. To connect to DATASTORE, the computer first needs to be added to the domain. Contact the Service Desk to make arrangements to connect your computer to the domain, if it isn’t already. If it is on the domain, use your operating systems’ process for connecting to a network drive. See example here: https://www.usask.ca/ict/services/file-storage/individual-storage/index.php.

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