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Help - File Recovery

DATASTORE is equiped with a 30 day recovery window built into each account. Users are able to recover files themselve through the Windows' "Previous Versions" feature. To recover files older than 30 days, up to 1 year, users must contact to recover data from tape.

Please note Windows' "Previous Versions" service is not available on OSX and Linux. Linux and OSX users can login to a Windows machines and restore files as instructed below.


  1. Right mouse button click on the desired folder [Fig. 1].
  2. Select "Properties" [Fig. 1A]
  3. Select "Previous Versions" tab [Fig. 2B].
  4. Select version and click "Restore" [Fig. 2C]
  5. Select "Restore" [Fig. 2D]
  6. Before proceeding, please note that recovered data will replace the current version unless you copy or move the current version elsewwhere.
  7. Warning dialog [Fig. 3]. Select "Restore'.
File Restore
Fig. 1 
File Restore
Fig. 2
File Restore
Fig. 3


This service is not available for OSX. Login to the Windows Permissions machine to restore using instructions above.


This service is not available for Linux. Login to the Windows Permissions machine to restore using instructions above.
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