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Help - ICT

ICT provides DATASTORE to the research community to ensure that research data is adequately secured and protected. Faculty researchers, research groups, centres, institutes, units, organizations, networks, or programs on campus are encouraged to use DATASTORE.


  • All F/T faculty are entitled to 1, 2 or 3TB of free storage for personal use; each additional TB is $50/TB/yr

  • Other clients such as research groups and centers are offered storage at a the discounted rate $50/TB/yr (they are not eligible for free storage)

  • Billed annually
  • Available to all leading OS' (i.e. Windows*, OSX**, Linux**);

  • Accessed through a mapped drive

  • Available off campus via WebDav or VPN

  • Backups are available through Windows backup for 30 days and available on tape for 1 year.

* Permissions are changeable through Windows only

** A Windows VM is provided to OSX and Linux users to change their permissions


  • 500TB storage capacity extendable to 4,000 TB using Dell FS8600

  • 1.2 PB uncompressed tape backup capacity expandable to 4PB+ with IBM tape library

  • Permissions:

    • Windows based permission model
    • Group Permissions managed through IAM
    • Individual permissions maanged through Windows*
  • Supported OSs 

    • Windows: Mapped Drive (CIFS) [File Explorer -> Computer -> Mapped Drive -> \\datastore\Sharename]

    • OSX (SMB) [Finder -> Go-> Connect to Server -> smb:\\datastore\Sharename]

    • Linux (NFS) [use mount command]


  1. Submit form ( They will recieve an email receipt.

  2. Space is provisioned within 48 hrs by staff in Research Computing.

  3. Client will recieve an email with the DATASTORE share name and set-up instructions.


Why DATASTORE is more expensive than buying external storage?

  • When considering the cost associated with data loss,  ownership (including time it takes researchers to configure and maintain), the cost of DATASTORE, is less than the cost of DYI solutions.

Why can't students (RAs, residents, grads, post doc fellows (PDFs)) can't access DATASTORE?

  • At this time, DATASTORE has been made available to Full-time faculty only. Students have access to their supervisor's DATASTORE storage.

Is DATASTORE Accessible through OSX/Linux?

  • Yes.

    • OSX can use SMB in Finder by selecting "Go" -> "Connect to Server..." ()

    • Linux users can connect to DATASTORE through NFS ()

Who is eligible for 3Tb of free personal space?

  • Professor Emeritus (Retired)
  • Professor (Continuing status, Tenured)
  • Associate Professor (Tenure track)
  • Assistant Professor  (Tenure track)

Note: Adjunct, Research Associate, Lecturer, and Instructor are not eligible for 3TB of free storage.

Is DATASTORE accessible to users off-campus?

Yes, it is available through WebDav or VPN (



Trouble Shooting


  • Make sure share is created. Confirm that it has a timestamp.
  • Re-login to Windows to re-establish token.
  • Ensure that client in the one of the three permission groups.
  • Client machine not on domain. Have client prefix NSID with "usask\" when logging in.
  • Client machine is off campus. Have client use VPN or WebDav.


  • Not a member within group through IAM. This can be verified through Secutity tab in Properties window (Windows Only).
  • Same group in more than one attrubute (IAM) will create problems. Remove until group remains in only one attribute (IAM)
  • Clients adding a user must enable everyone_access through IAM.
  • OSX and Linux unable to change permissions. Permission changes can only occur in Windows. A Windows VM is provided.
  • OSX and Linux unable to restore previous versions of files. Service is only available through Windows. A Windows VM is provided to users.


  • Webdav does not provide "Security" or "Previous Versions" tabs for files and folders.
  • Must connect through "https://": 
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