Help - Linux: Getting Started

1. How do I get access my DATASTORE storage?

Once you've recieved your confirmation that the storage is available, you will also be

  • In a terminal execute the following command. You will need to do this as root, perhaps using "sudo":

mount -t cifs -o rw,user=<NSID>, //datastore/<ShareName>** /Path*

* Where Share Name is provided by ICT in the Confirmation email.
** Where Path is the path you create to mount the disk. (i.e. /mnt/<name>)
† And <NSID> is your NSID. Note that this will ask for your password.


2. How do I add/remove a user (edit permissions) in Linux?

Linux users are uanble to edit permissions directly. To edit permissions, users must do so through Windows by following the instructions here ( - Permissions.php)

3. How do I use NFS?

NFS is available, and recommended for multiuser computers. However, NFS requires the use of Kerberos to authenticate the computer, which requires modifications to the computer. (Addng software beyond the regular suite, and "joining" the computer to ths Kerberos realm.) This is only required once, but is fairly involved. Please contact Research Computing for assistance.

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