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Help - Quick Connect

Check your DATASTORE Confirmation Email for the name of your new share.

The address to your new share will be something like:


Then follow the instructions that apply to the respective operating system.



  1. File Explorer -> Map Network Drive
  2. Enter \\Datastore\<ShareName>\**

e.g. \\Datastore\MyLab\

Note that Windows users may have to logout and login again before they first access the share.

If the connection requests a password, then you likely need to connect as the user (with NSID being replaced by your  actual abc123 style username). You may need to select the option "Use another account" to do this. If connecting with that username does not work, please contact

More Windows Help 




  1. Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server
  2. Enter smb://datastore/<ShareName>
  3. Connect
  4. Select "Connect as Registered User"
  5. Enter your NSID and password

More OSX Help 




Datastore shares can be mounted with the SMB (CIFS) protocol. This must be done as root.

mount -t cifs -o user=<NSID>,,rw //datastore/<Sharename>/** /Path*

While NFS is available for Linux computers, this requires that Kerberos be properly configured on your workstation. Contact Research Computing for details.



*Where Path is the path you create to mount the disk.
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