Access Files from Off-campus - Mac

The Off-Campus File Service Gateway provides a way for users of the departmental and individual file storage services to connect to their storage from off-campus. Off-campus connections are made through a server called ''. The Off-Campus File Service Gateway can be used from anywhere on the Internet (including from on campus) and the software required is built in to most operating systems.

Connecting using the Off-Campus File Service Gateway from Macintosh

1. In 'Finder', click on 'Go' and 'Connect to Server'.

Go Connect to Server

2. If you are connecting to Cabinet, enter ' (where abc123 is your NSID) in the Server Address text box. If you are connecting to Jade, enter '' (replacing 'sharename' with the name of the file share on Jade that you want to connect to).

connect to server

3. Make sure 'Connect as Registered User' is selected. Enter your NSID and password and click 'Connect'.

webshare login

4. Your Cabinet or Jade File Share drive window should open.

webshare folder

Note: Before attempting to make a WebDav connection to Cabinet or Jade, you must disable the creation of .DS_Store files on network shares. Please follow the instructions in this Apple Knowledgebase article: Disable DS_Store on Network Shares

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