Cloud Server Virtualization

Self service virtual machines are no longer available. Centrally provided virtual machines may be requested from ICT.

The new university Information Technology Security Policy requires a number of changes in the provisioning and management of computing devices to increase the reliability and safety of the campus computing infrastructure.

Because of these changes, ICT can no longer offer self managed virtual machines. Centrally managed MicroSoft Windows and Redhat Linux VM's can be provisioned to host your teaching, research and administrative activities.

Please send requests for virtual machines to

Getting Started

Register For a Virtual Machine

To begin using the U of S Cloud service, you must first request an instance  of a virtual machine. There are a number of pieces of information that we require for this.

  • (Excerpts from the form)

Operating systems supported

There are two operating systems that can be provided - Windows Server 2016 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7.


The virtual machines are backed up on a daily basis with VEEAM. Restores must be requested from the Systems group through email at


Cloud Service Support

To request support or to report an issue, email

Cloud Service Notifications

Receive info on downtimes and service updates by subscribing to cloud service notifications: (Should the unsubscribe link be left?)

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Cloud System Status

To check the current status of the Cloud Service, view the Cloud Services System Status.

Snapshots – 7-day Limit

Snapshots are not designed for long term use. They will be automatically removed from VMs and vApps after 7 days. This is to avoid wasting space and adversely affecting overall cloud service performance.

Compatibility with Mac and Chrome

At this time, the ICT Cloud Service is not compatible with Apple / Mac machines or Chrome browsers.

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