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Application Development, Evolution & Integration

Includes many of the critical university-wide software systems you use at the U of S.

Classroom Support and Computer Labs

Includes details on equipment consultation, design and installation, support for multimedia equipment and computer lab locations across campus.

Conferencing & Collaboration Services

Includes document management (SharePoint), Wiki and Web conferencing.

Course Tools

Includes the U of S Course Tools (Blackboard), course evaluations and online exams.

Email & Calendar

Includes email, calendar and mailing lists.

Enterprise Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

Includes uView Report Portal, uView Campus, and uView Public.

File Storage & Cloud Server Virtualization

Includes individual and departmental file storage and cloud-based compute and virtualized storage services.

Instructional Technologies
Network Services (Wireless & Wired)

Includes wireless network, wired network, VPN, remote desktop and eduroam.

PAWS & iUsask

Includes the university’s portal, PAWS, and mobile portal iUsask.

Printing & Photocopying

Includes student printing and photocopying (CPAS), network printing, distributed copying/printing (Xerox devices), as well as exam printing and stationery orders.

Research Computing

Includes research storage, advanced computing, visualization, GIS, WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization facility, surveys, UnivRS and CV management.

Telephone Services

Includes service changes for office phones, voicemail, cell phones and teleconferencing.

Web Publishing Services

Includes departmental and individual webpages, web content management, blogs and CV management.

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