Advanced Embedding of Panopto Videos

There are a number of options you have when you are embedding Panopto content into a web page, whether its using the Blackboard Panopto Mashup tool or a regular iFrame embed on a standard web page

The full information about what can be done is available from here on Panopto's own support pages, here is a quick summary of examples:

2.1.  You can modify the embed code to customize how it works. The following controls can be added to the embed code:

Setting Function
autoplay The video will play as soon as the page is loaded. *This is not supported for mobile browsers
showbrand Causes the Embed to show the custom logo on the splash screen. The default is true. This has no effect if autoplay is true. 
offerviewer Allow you to hide the bottom-right button that launches the Full Viewer. The default is true.
start This sets the time to start the video at (in seconds). The default is 0. This works whether you're showing the splash screen or autoplaying.

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