Third Party Cookies in Safari

Panopto does require you to enable 3rd Party Cookies in your browser in order for it to work well with Blackboard.  Here’s an article from their support site about how to enable 3rd Party cookies in various browsers
Obviously, that’s not a great solution if you’re concerned about getting random cookies from advertisers or random sites.  Unlike other browsers, Safari does not allow you to enter in a specific alloed website exception.  Here is a quick workaround to overcome that issue.
Go into your Preferences, choose Privacy and see if its set “Always Block” in the Cookie settings.  If it is, change it to Always Allow, then try going to view one of the videos.  Be patient, I notice it took a while once I tried this for the video to come up.
If you CAN view them at that point, go back into your preferences and change it back to “Allow from websites I visit”
Note:  If you clear your browser history or your cookies, you will need to do this step again before Safari will work for you again.
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