Attend a WebEx Meeting

When you are invited to attend a meeting, you will receive an email notification. It will include a link that you can click to join the meeting at the time it is scheduled. You may also receive a calendar invite with a link to join the meeting.

When the meeting is about to start:

  1. Click either Join WebEx meeting or the link provided in the email or invite. You will be taken to a web page where you can join the meeting.
    1. NOTE: The option to join will only be available once the host has started the meeting.
  2. If the fields are not automatically filled out, complete any information requested (name, email, meeting password).
  3. Click Join. The WebEx Meeting Center application will launch automatically. As soon as the application finishes loading you will be in the meeting.
    1. The first time that you host or join a meeting, the WebEx Meeting Center application will be automatically installed on your system if you have a PC, or you will be prompted to download and install a WebEx add-on if you have a Mac.
    2. This typically takes just a few minutes, but may require several minutes if you are using a slow network connection. When scheduling, please allow for this additional time if this is your first meeting. This installation only takes place once.
    3. Additionally, if you are in a managed environment, you may not have the necessary privileges to install WebEx, If this is the case, ask your technical support provider for assistance installing the WebEx Meeting Center application. An installer can also be downloaded and installed ahead of time by going to the Cornell WebEx site and navigating to Meeting Center > Support > Downloads.
  1. Follow the instructions to join the audio portion of the web conference. Depending on how the host has configured the web conference, you may have the option to join the audio portion using either your phone or your computer. The meeting host must start the meeting before you can join the audio portion of the web conference.
  2. If you have a camera and wish to share your video to the host and other meeting attendees, click the camera icon next to your name in the Participants window to start your video feed.
  3. To leave a meeting, close or quit the WebEx Meeting Center application or click Leave Meeting.
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