Turn off Automatic Volume

WebEx includes an option to automatically adjust your microphone volume. This is intended to provide a constant audio experience. However, if you are using an audio device which includes its own automatic volume adjustment, these two mechanisms will act in opposition to each other and have a negative impact on the audio experience. Generally, built-in computer microphones will not use volume adjustment while tabletop microphone/speaker combinations are more likely to.

If you are using an audio device that automatically adjusts volume and would like to eliminate the possibility that its auto-adjust and WebEx's settings will conflict with each other, disable the WebEx option to automatically adjust volume:

  1. While in the WebEx application, from the top menu, select Audio, then Speaker/Microphone Audio Test.
  2. Uncheck Automatically adjust volume and click OK

This change will be saved for future sessions, so you'll only need to do this once.

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