Share a File

  1. To share a file, click the Quick Start link:

    click quick start link

  2. Click the button of the Share Screen button (displayed as More on Apple computers, or as ... on Windows Computers):

    share -> more

  3. Select Share File (including Video):

share file

You can also select the Share menu then File.  Readable files will open as a new Whiteboard, allowing meeting participants to add mark-ups and notations if they have been assigned privileges.

Transfer and Download Files

  1. If you want to transmit a file directly to participants, rather than sharing its contents inside the meeting, or if you want to receive a file from another user, select the File menu then Transfer. This will open the Transfer window.


  2. To share a file out for download by other participants, click the Share button and add the file you would like to make available.


  3. To download a file that another participant has shared, select the file from the list of those currently being shared and then click the Download button, or right click on the file name and select Download.  This will allow you to save a copy of the shared file to your computer.


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