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Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop provides you with an easy way to connect from off campus to a Windows computer on campus by using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection tool or similar third party software.

Getting Started

Using Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop access is blocked from off-campus but by configuring your off-campus computer to use the U of S Remote Desktop Gateway, you can still connect to Windows computers on campus.

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Using the U of S Remote Desktop Gateway from Mac, iPad, Android, and Other Devices

Microsoft provides a free Remote Desktop app for MacOS, iOS (including iPad, iPhone, and iPod), and for Android that support the U of S Remote Desktop Gateway. There is also third party software such as iTap software for iPad/iPhone/iPad, Android, and Linux and Wyse PocketCloud for iPad/iPhone/iPod and Android that can also use the Remote Desktop Gateway. Although the configuration of third party software varies, the key is to configure the Terminal Server Gateway server (or Remote Desktop Gateway server) to ''.

Using Remote Desktop Software with the U of S VPN

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Client tool for Macintosh or other third party remote desktop software that does NOT support a Terminal Server Gateway (or Remote Desktop Gateway), you can still connect to your on-campus Windows desktop by using the VPN.

First, follow the instructions for connecting to the VPN from your off-campus computer.

With a VPN connection established, you should be able to connect to your on-campus Windows desktop as if you were directly connected to the U of S network.


General Support Information

Support for the Remote Desktop Gateway is built-in to:

If you use an older version of Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection for Macintosh or third party software that does not support the Remote Desktop Gateway, then you will need to use the VPN in order to connect to your computer from off-campus.

If you require assistance setting up your Remote Desktop, please contact your local college IT support staff. If you do not have local IT support staff, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

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