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FortiClient VPN Set-up Guide - Mac OS 10.6-10.10 (Intel Only)

This Anyconnect VPN software is for Apple OS 10.6.x to OS 10.10 for Intel computers only.

This software is controlled by license and is to be used for connecting to the University of Saskatchewan only. Use of this software for any other purpose or providing it to a third party under any conditions is prohibited.

To use the U of S VPN service your Network Services ID (NSID) must be added to the VPN user list. Please contact your local IT support staff or the ICT Service Desk.

Step 1. System requirements
Step 2. Obtain the software
Step 3. Install the software
Step 4. Connect Securely to the U of S

1. System Requirements

  • This VPN software is Apple OS 10.6.x to 10.10 for Intel computers only.  

  • It requires 30 MB of free hard disk space.

  • You must have administrator privileges on your computer.

Install the Software

1. In Finder select "Go" and "Connect to Server"


2. The Server Address is "smb://ditto/public/Software/Fortinet" and click on "Connect"


3. Choose to connect as "Registered User" and enter your information as below

Name: NSID in the form abc123

Password: NSID Password

Click on "Connect"


4. Double click on "FortiClient_5.4.0.493_macosx_UofS.dmg"


5. Doulbe click on the "Install" icon and the FortiClient installer will open


6. Click on "Continue" and follow the steps to finish the installation


7. Click on "Close"


Connecting to VPN Client

1. Open a Finder window, go to "Applications"

2. Open "FortiClient" application and use the following information

Name: U of S

Username: NSID in the form abc123

Password: NSID Password

Click on "Connect"


3. To disconnect, open the application again and click on "Disconnect"

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For additional assistance, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

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