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Wireless - Set-up Guide BlackBerry OS 10

Step 1:

  • On the Home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the word Wi-Fi 

Note: tapping the wi-fi icon will just turn wi-fi on or off

tap the word wi-fi

Step 2:

  • If the Wi-Fi switch is Off, set it to On.

turn wifi on

Step 3:

  • When the wireless network listing appears, tap uofs-secure.

tap uofs-secure

Step 4:

  • For Username, type in your NSID
  • For Password, type in your NSID Password
  • Tap Advanced

enter information

Step 5:

  • For Security Sub Type, select PEAP
  • For Inner Link Security, select MSCHAPv2
  • For Certificate, select Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
  • For Band Type, select Dual Band
  • Set Auto Obtain IP to ON

enter information

  •  Scroll down and set Enable IPv6 and Inter-Access Point Handover to ON.

enter information

    Step 6:

    • Tap Connect (in top right corner).

    tap connect in top right corner

      Step 7:

      • You should now be connected to uofs-secure.

      connected to uofs-secure

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