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    UofS Email - Set-up Guide iOS 11 (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

    1. Turn on the iOS device and tap Settings.


    2. Tap Accounts & Passwords.

    accounts and passwords

    3. Tap Add Account.

    add account

    4. Tap Exchange



    5. Tap in the following information:

    • Email: Tap in your as your email address  (i.e.   

    • Description: Tap in UofS Email


    6. Tap Next.

    7. Tap Sign In.

    tap sign in

    8. Do the following:

    • Password: Tap in your NSID password.
    • Tap Next.

    tap in your NSID password

    NOTE:  If your account was migrated to Office 365 already you will be redirected to a Microsoft login instead (as shown below)

    office365 login screen

    To complete the setup of an Office 365 migrated account, do the following:

    • Tap in your NSID password
    • Tap Sign In.

    9. Tap Save.

    tap save

    10. Your email account is now setup in the iOS mail app.

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