1. When will I get a replacement printer/photocopier?

Existing print devices that are on expiring service agreements will be replaced first and this work is scheduled to be completed in 2017. Other Xerox devices will be replaced as leases expire. As part of the printing program ICT, along with our print partner WBM, will be initiating discussions with departments to assess their printing needs and develop a service plan that will provide the right number of printing devices in the best-suited locations for the optimal service. 

2. How do I get a new device?

If you need an additional device or are interested in replacing a current printer or would like to discuss the printing needs of your department or college, please contact ICT Licensing and Acquisitions ict_acquisitions@usask.ca 

3. Is the new print program a cost-saving activity?

No the new print program is not a cost-saving activity. The expiration of the service agreement with the previous print device supplier allowed ICT to evaluate how print services are provided to departments and colleges at the university. A vendor was selected to support ICTs vision for improved print delivery that will provide improved customer service, better print quality and be delivered in a more sustainable way. Our key measure for the program's success is customer satisfaction. We also expect that the new service will result in an overall cost reduction for the university. 

4. Who do I contact to order toner?

Toner usage from each device is tracked by ICT and our service providers. When toner levels reach a minimum level a replishment order is shipped automatically to you. In the event that you are completing a large print job, additional toner can be ordered directly through the contact number provided on each device.

5. Will my current paper ordering process change?

No, your process for ordering paper will remain the same.

6. Will the payment for the copiers and supplies change?

ICT will continue to provide departmental printing and copying at no charge. Departments will still be responsible for the payment of paper and staples. Departments that currently provide their own office copying have the opportunity to participate in the ICT Print Enhancement Project and ICT will work with the groups to identify potential cost savings. 

7. Does this print program cover all types of printers?

The print enhancement program includes multi-functional printing devices that are leased by the department. Not included in the program are personal desktop printers, printers that are owned by the department and paper purchases. ICT has other options to help reduce the cost of service and increase the support for desktop printers. 

8. How does this affect student printing?

This print program only supports departmental or college printing for university faculty and staff.

9. Who is responsible for providing print drivers?

Local IT will continue to provide print drivers and desktop support.

10. Who do I call for support?

Printer and copier hardware issues can be reported directly through the customer support contact information that provided on each device. 

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