Network Printing

You can easily share network printers throughout departments and colleges. A secure reliable print server for the U of S is provided.

Getting Started

Purchase Network Printer

You need to purchase a network capable printer, available at the Campus Computer Store, in order to take advantage of Network Printing services.

When you purchase your network printer ensure it has a universal/global drivers. Printers that do not won’t be supported by printing services. Please check the printer specifications carefully as some models may not support PS or PCL print languages.

Request Network Print Queues

To get a network capable printer set up you will need to do the following:

  1. Provide a physical location for your printer where it can be set up and connected to the U of S network.
  2. Choose a name for your printer and register your network printer to get a TCPip name (this may take one to two business days).
  3. Submit a network print queue request to the ICT Service Desk with the following information:
    • Department or organization name.
    • Contact name and number.
    • Building and room location of the printer.
    • Registered IP name for the printer.
    • Brand and model of the printer.
    • List of any optional components that are installed in your printer.
    • Any special security or configuration requirements such as setting up limited access, using multiple printer trays or using the duplex.

Learn More

Using Network Print Queues

Once your computer is set up for network printing, using your Windows or Mac using network print queues is easy.




If you are having problems with your printer check the following:

  1. The Status column in the printer display.
  2. If you are unable to open the network print queue.
    1. Check your network connectivity. Can you see Green? (Try Start -> Run and type in \\green).
    2. Try removing and re-adding the printer.
  3. Check the status of the Network Print Service by going to the Print Services status page.
  4. Check if other users can print to the same printer.
    1. If others cannot print, try turning the printer off and then back on.
    2. If others can print, try rebooting your computer.

Register your Computer for Network Printing

Printers must be registered by the owner or a department IT support staff member. To register your printer, please complete the online Printer Registration Form.
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