Network Printing ( - Mac Printer Set-up Guide

For personal computers, please follow the guide below. If your Mac is a managed U of S computer, please contact your local IT support or the ICT Service Desk.

For optimal printing, please download a printer driver from the manufacturer's website and install it prior to setting up the printer. 

Set Up a Network Printer

1. Press the Apple Icon in top left corner of screen and select System Preferences.

system pref

2. Open Print & Fax.

print and fax

3. Press the + icon to add a printer.

+ icon

4. Add Advance to the toolbar (if it's not there already) by right clicking (or Control - Left Clicking) on the toolbar and selecting Customize Toolbar

Customize Toolbar

5. Select Advanced, drag it to an open spot (grey area) on the toolbar (i.e. to the right of the Windows icon), and drop it there then select Done.

Add Gear

6. Select the Advanced tab you just added and do the following:

  • Set Type to Windows printer via spoolss
  • Set URL to smb://, replace PrinterName with the printer you would like to add.
    (Printer names are based off of building/room names, if you're not sure about your printer name please contact your local support)
  • In the Name field, enter a name to easily identify the printer
  • Set Use to:

a) If you have the printer drivers installed and know the printer manufacturer and model, we recommend that you choose "Select Software".  In the pop-up screen locate the printer and click "Ok"


b) Otherwise, choose "Generic PostScript Printer"

Advanced Tab Setup

7. Click Add.

8. Send a print job to the printer. You should see a password pop up box asking for a name and password.

      a. Change the Name to: usask\yourNSID
      b. Change the password: enter your NSID password
      c. Click OK

Choose a Default Printer

1. Open the Printer Setup Utility.

2. Select the printer you would like to be the default printer.

3. Click once on the "Make Default" button at the top of the window.

4. The printer name of the printer you selected should now be bold indicating that it is the default printer.

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