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Place online orders for University of Saskatchewan or college/department branded stationery items. Have your exams confidentially printed and delivered.

Stationery Orders

Faculty and staff can order custom University of Saskatchewan branded items such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes along with standard pre-printed campus maps, presentation folders, and OMR exam forms. 

Customers only require a CFOPAL to begin placing an order and both deliveries or scheduled pickup options are available. If you are ordering multiple items on one order, if there is an error on one of the items, the entire order will have to be canceled; therefore, it is best to enter only one item per order.  Choose the shipping option on all orders, but we will charge only one shipping charge for multiple orders shipped to the same address on the same day To place an order click the Place Order button below.

For those of you paying by credit card, please enter a note in the Special request or comments field on your order saying “Paying by credit card”.  For security reasons, do not enter your card # here, but you need to call 306-966-2014 and ask for the Printing area, and you need to provide the credit card number and expiry before your order can go to print.

Place Order

Please follow the below links to view step-by-step user guides for ordering each of the items. 

See our Printed Stationery Orders FAQ for common questions. If you require assistance please contact 306-966-2014 or

Exam Printing

Requests for exam printing can be securely submitted in a PDF or MS Word document through the Exam Printing Request portal. All materials will be confidentially managed from production through to delivery. Prior to placing your first order, log in to Exam Printing Request Portal and create a new user profile. Detailed instructions for creating a new user profile can be found here. 

Exam Printing Pricing

Standard exam printing charges include prepress, set up, printing, collating, binding and packaging. View a complete breakdown of exam printing pricing and options prior to placing your first order. 

Exam Booklets

Booklets can be ordered through the University of Saskatchewan's  Supreme Basics online store. Please use part number - examb-00 when placing your order.

OMR Exam Sheets
Printed OMR exam sheets can be purchased directly through the online stationery ordering form.

Exam Printing Deliveries 

Orders for exam printing should be placed a minimum of three business days prior to the designated delivery date. Any order that is submitted with less than the three business day production timeline will be charged an additional $10 “Rush” fee. Printing orders will be delivered directly to the building and room address provided in the order.


A University of Saskatchewan issued Procurement Card (PCard) is required to complete payment for all orders.

Exam Printing Price List
Exam Pricing
Pricing and Options 

  • Paper sizes and paper colours can be mixed within a single exam for the prices above. Exam printing that requires both coloured copy and black copy is available, however an additional charge is added to hand-collate the exams.
  • Exams that require additional pre-press work will be priced at $75 per hour and charged in increments of one (1) minute. Print-ready files will not require any pre-press work.
  • Single corner stapling of the whole exam or part of exam is $.05 per staple. Additional stapling will be charged for special assembly based on the effort required.
  • Completed exam print jobs shall be delivered to the campus location identified at time of order for the fee of $10.00 per order. When high volumes of exams are being delivered, an hourly rate may be applied, resulting in a lower fee per order.

Print and Graphic Design

College or department communicators can help arrange the appropriate services for custom print or graphic design services. Find a complete list of college and department communicators here, or if the college or department does not have a communicator, please contact Marketing and Communications at or 306-966-6607.

Course Packages and Lab Manuals

Orders for the printing of course packs and lab manuals for sale through Retail Services can be submitted through the 
Faculty Textbook Adoption Form located on the bookstore’s website.
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