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Fluid Surveys

Creating and administering surveys through FluidSurveys is a great way to gain insight from different people on specific topics. This information can be relayed and used for research or admin purposes.

Upcoming Changes to the University of Saskatchewan Survey Tool

The University of Saskatchewan's service agreement with FluidSurveys is scheduled to end on Feb. 15, 2018. Currently, the university is conducting a review of the service and assessing options for the continuation or replacement of the service. FluidSurveys users will continue to have access to administer surveys and view or export survey data until Feb. 18, 2018. SurveyMonkey, the owner of FluidSurveys is actively discontinuing FluidSurveys service agreements with organizations to eventually eliminate the service entirely.

Updates on the replacement service will be provided once a new service agreement with a survey provider has been completed. If you have comments or questions please contact

Important dates:

Prior to November 01, 2017:

  • Contact if you expect to create or administer any surveys that will extend beyond Feb. 15, 2018. Options to avoid survey disruption and loss of response data will be discussed.
  • To assist in determining what type of survey service is required for the university in the future, you are also encouraged to provide information regarding your survey needs.

Prior to Feb. 15, 2018:

  • Existing users can still create and administer new surveys, but are encouraged to provide enough time between the survey close date and Feb. 15, 2018, to export the response data.
  • FluidSurveys users will not have access to any saved surveys or responses after Feb. 15, 2018. You are encouraged to export any data you would want prior to this date.

New users 

New users will still be able to create and administer a survey but are encouraged to provide enough time between the survey close date and Feb. 15, 2018, to allow for exporting the data.

Inactive surveys

Surveys are deemed inactive when they are no longer required to collect responses. It is strongly recommended you export data as soon as possible and delete inactive surveys

Exporting data

Users can export survey data from the survey tool in CSV, XML, SPSS, PDF or DOCX formats.


Existing and new users of the U of S FluidSurveys service are encouraged to contact with any questions.



Getting Started

Log in to the Fluid Survey tool and set up your account using your NSID and password. Once your account is set up you are responsible for creating and operating your own surveys.

  • You can also choose who has access and who can view the results of your surveys.


Supporting Your Survey

As a survey owner you are expected to provide appropriate support for your survey participants. We will not provide assistance in interpreting survey questions or assisting survey participants with problems resulting from the construction of the survey.

You can obtain support for creation of your surveys by contacting the administrators prior to creating your survey.

Other reasons that you might want to contact the administrators could be:

  • Problems logging in (forgotten password)
  • Share editing of surveys with other people at the university

Fluid Survey Training

Fluid Surveys offers excellent, short, tutorial videos for the tool. If you are new to Fluid Surveys, check out the tutorial videos before requesting training.

If you require further training, Training Services offers a course on Fluid Surveys.

Request Assistance

You can request assistance using our online form.

Fluid Surveys Status Page

You can view the status of Fluid Surveys systems here.

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