Creating a Survey

  1. Log in to Fluid Surveys.
  2. Click the New Survey button.
    creating a survey
  3. Give the survey a name.
  4. Choose a template (optional).
  5. Create in Group (optional).
  6. Click on the Create Survey button.
    creating a survey
  7. You will now see a variety of question types on the left side of the screen and a blank survey on the right side.
    creating a survey
  8. To add a yes/no question to your survey drag and drop the Yes/No question button from the left of the screen to the right.
  9. Give the question a title. Ex. “Have you been to our website before?”
    creating a survey
  10. Go back to the Questions tab to select another question.
  11. This time add a multiple choice question to your survey by dragging and dropping the Multiple Choice button from the left of the screen to the right.
  12. Again, name this question. Ex. “How often do you visit?”
  13. For the choices, select the Choices drop down list below the question title.
    creating a survey
  14. Rename the choices. To add more choice, select the +Add button.
  15. Add “other” choice by clicking the +Add Other Choice button and it will put in an Other, please specify text box into the survey.
    creating a survey
  16. Go back to the questions tab and this time choose the Text Response button.
  17. Add the title “Any comments?”
  18. Make this a multi-line by clicking on the display option and checking Multiline. It will add a text box to your survey.
    creating a survey
  19. You can re-arrange questions by clicking on them and dragging them to different positions within the survey.
  20. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the questions box.
    creating a survey
  21. You can preview your survey by clicking on the Preview button at the top right of your survey page.
    creating a survey
  22. Your survey will open in another window as it would appear to users.
    creating a survey
  23. When you are ready to make your survey live, click the Publish button.
  24. Your survey is now live.
  25. You can copy the survey URL by right clicking the URL in the Online Deployment URL box and selecting the Copy link.
    creating a survey
  26. You can either send this link to recipients via your email client or use the Email Invitations option to have the system create an autotomized message for you.
    creating a survey
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