1. To send out email invitations to a group of people, you must import the list of people from a CSV file. This CSV file is best created in Excel, or you can use the Member List function in Blackboard Learn.
  2. Surveys should normally be completed in one sitting. It is possible to set things up so that a participant can save their data and then resume, but this is more advanced.
  3. There is no "export" capability for surveys.  Fluid Surveys does provide beta versions for importing surveys from Survey Monkey and Zoomerang.  You are welcome to try these features.
  4. Although Fluid Surveys maintains previous versions of each survey edited, if you delete a survey, it is gone - including all of its data and results.
  5. Surveys can be made completely anonymous and secure. However, if you decide to enable IP tracking or Track Country, then you are reducing the anonymity.
  6. If you would like to share the management of your survey with others, please contact the ICT Service Desk.
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