Compute Canada / WestGrid

The University of Saskatchewan is a member of Compute Canada and WestGrid. These organizations partner with institutions across the country to provide advanced computing resources to researchers nationwide.

Compute Canada and WestGrid provide you with free access to a default level of advanced computing resources. More resources can be allotted to you through a competitive allocation process depending on the specific needs of your project.

  • To learn more about U of S involvement in Compute Canada and WestGrid or to learn more about the resources you may access, email our Advanced Computing Consultants.
  • To learn how to access WestGrid resources or for support with WestGrid resources, email WestGrid Support.

WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility (WGCVF)

You can use the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility to hold high-definition video conferences and to visualize data in three dimensions. WestGrid Training Seminars and the Coast 2 Coast Seminar Series are also presented in this facility.

Learn about the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility (WGCVF)

Silo and Hopper

If you are looking for information on the WestGrid storage resources Silo and Hopper, those were decommissioned in April 2017.

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