Advanced Computing

With Advanced Computing resources, you can use high performance computer systems to solve complex problems and to conduct training. You can also choose to house your own system in a centrally managed facility or access Compute Canada/WestGrid resources.

Getting Started

About Advanced Computing

At the U of S, you have access to a variety of powerful Advanced Computing systems, facilities and support.

This includes:


To use our high performance computing systems, you will need an account. To obtain one, you must generally be a principal investigator/faculty member or be sponsored by a faculty member.

Note: Students who are taking a class that requires the use of advanced computing will automatically be given accounts for the duration of the class.

To request an account:
  • Email our Advanced Computing Consultants
  • Briefly outline the work you wish to do and your technical requirements
  • Include an abstract describing the project (for use on our website)
  • Be prepared to provide, at a later date, a list of publications/theses/conference presentations to help demonstrate the value of these systems to funders.

Once you have an account, you can log directly into the system you wish to use using the SSH protocol.
Note: If you are off-campus, you will first need to connect to the  U of S Virtual Private Network (VPN).

SSH Protocol Login

  1. ssh
    (where abc123 is your NSID and where computername is the system you wish to access: e.g. plato, moneta, socrates, or zeno)
  2. Use your NSID password.

For more information how to use SSH, see SSH Protocol.


Training Courses

Check Training Services’ Current Offering List to see if research-related courses are scheduled in the near future.

Contact Training Services to learn more about available courses or request courses.

General Support

To learn more or for general support, email our HPC consultants.

You can also learn more from the Research Computing blog


Unable to Access Advanced Computing Systems from Off-Campus

For security reasons, our advanced computing systems are not directly accessible from off campus. If you require access from off campus, you should first connect to the U of S Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you still cannot connect to the system you wish to use, please email our HPC consultants.

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