Part of our research and training infrastructure, Meton is a single high performance computer designed for tasks that require a large amount of memory. You can use Meton for training, teaching or research purposes.

Meton is not intended for highly-parallel computing; see Plato or Zeno for those problems.


  • 48 cores (4 x twelve-core Xeon E7-4850 processors @ 2.3 GHz)
  • 2048 GB (2TB) of RAM
  • 1.6TB of storage for storing intermediate calculations
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux


You may have class specific software installed in particular locations, but most software is in:


For example, the Maple program is in


Software available includes:

  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • erlang
  • R
  • OpenMPI libraries
  • Intel Compiler Suite


The compilers available include:


and the Intel Composer suite.

Intel Compilers

In order to configure your session to use the Intel compilers you must use the following command to load the correct configurations:

module load intel/<version>

You will have to use the "initadd" command to use the correct libraries for running your programs in the batch system.

module initadd intel/<version>

Note that the Intel compilers include the optimised Math Kernel Library with BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, LINPACK and FFT libraries. This utility can help you determine the library linking procedure.  


The "module" command controls which processing environment(s) are loaded at each shell invocation on meton.  Modules are used to correctly configure the environment variables to use various software and compilers. The command

module avail

will show all available modules, including those to run MATLAB, use OpenMPI, and use the Intel compiler suite.  Should you require parallel libraries, use the OpenMPI environment unless your software requires something else.

module load MATLAB/<version>

will configure your environment to successfully run MATLAB, for example. 

Running Jobs on Meton

There is no batching scheduler on Meton. If you need help running on Meton, please contact

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