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Travelling with Your Mobile

SaskTel Data Capping

The U of S has applied the $100 data roaming cap for US and International data roaming to all eligible devices as the university continues to have challenges with significant data roaming charges.

Data Capping for Smartphone Users

will have a $100 cap applied on all US and International data roaming charges. You will receive a text message when you reach 60% of the $100 cap and again when you reach 80%. When the $100 cap has been reached you will receive a final text stating that you have reached your cap. You will then be given the choice to authorize another $100 cap in data roaming usage.

There are no limits to how many times you may authorize the next $100 cap, however, you must keep in mind that you are responsible for the data roaming charges that you authorize. 

Data Capping for Tablet Users

While smartphone users will be able to authorize additional data roaming, tablet users are not able to receive text messages and thus will not receive any notice that the $100 cap has been reached.

Once the $100 cap has been reached, data service will be suspended. When you try to access the Internet through a browser, you will be re-directed to a page that will inform you that you do not have access to data at this time. If you need to re-activate another $100 data capping limit, you must arrange this through U of S Telephone Services.

Contact Telephone Services at least a week prior to your travel to apply a text or data travel pack or to apply the professional unlimited talk North America Plan for corporate plan voice options while travelling.

Wireless Travel Rates and Add-Ons

Find additional talk, data and text options you require for travel with SaskTel’s Travel Add-Ons (PDF).

Wireless Charges While Travelling Internationally 

Understanding wireless charges when travelling outside of Canada will ensure you’re aware of the data rates you will be billed depending on your location.

Tips for Travel 

  • Prior to leaving, do a web search for your device model to find instructions for 'disabling background data' to avoid unexpected data use by social media apps, games, cloud/photo backup services and app updates.
  • If you plan to use a map service while travelling, check if you can download some map info and store it on your device before leaving.
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