Config Page


The config-page is included in your website by default and should never be deleted. Although it doesn't get published it's responsible for managing the following global settings:

  • Site Name
  • Header Links
  • Header Social Media icons
  • Footer Links
  • Footer Social Media icons

Config page website



  1. Click the Edit tab
  2. Fill in the fields as desired
    • Internal Link - the page you want the link to go to when it's clicked. To select the page click the the page icon Page icon or the '[]'
    • External Link - the page on another website that the link goes to when it's clicked. Enter the full URL (including the http://)
  3. Click the Submit button to save your changes
  4. The entire site will need to be published in order to reflect the changes on all pages.

The icons circled in the image below are used to add, remove, and re-order particular options.

Config page edit

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