Image Gallery

The image gallery is included in the WCMS design options

  • Create an Image Gallery
  • Adding Images - images must be uploaded to Cascade before you can add them
  • Publishing
    • New gallery - Not yet published, (i.e. not on your website) you'll need to publish the parent folder
    • Exisiting gallery - It already exists on your website so you just need to publish the page

Create an Image Gallery

  1. Select the section folder that you want the image gallery to be in
  2. Go to New and select Image Gallery

    New Image Gallery

  3. Fill in the Display Name and Title fields
  4. Enter content in the WYSIWYG (not required)
  5. Attach image (not required at this point)
  6. Click Submit
  7. Click the folder you selected in Step 1 then click the Publish tab
  8. Click Submit

Adding Images

Images must be in Cascade before you can add them. For help with getting pictures from your computer into Cascade see Uploading Images.

    1. Click the Edit tab
    2. Enter content in the WYSIWYG (not required)
    3. In the Photo area click the file icon File icon or the '[]"
    4. Browse for the picture you want to add
    5. Click Confirm

      Confirm image

    6. Enter a caption (not required)

      Image and caption edit

    7. Add remove or reorder images:

      Add remove reorder images

      • To add a new image click the Add icon
      • To remove an image click the Minus icon
      • To reorder image use the Arrow icon or Down icon
    8. Click Submit
    9. Publish the page (if the page is new you'll need to pubiish the parent folder)
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