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Website Development Services

You can use make use of different web service offerings to suit your needs. We offer a standard base level of service as well as comprehensive web development, design, training and delivery.

Getting Started

We offer a variety of website development services at the U of S, including custom work. To inquire about any of the following services, please contact: A consultant will contact you to discuss potential scenarios based on your project scope, budget and time.

Website Development Services

Web Content Management Base Level of Service

There is no fee for our base level of service, which includes:

  • Setup and configuration of U of S website and mobile templates.
  • Developer and content contributor support - including training, business analysis, documentation, troubleshooting, permissions, and account management.
  • System administration - including development environment, upgrades, maintenance, template updates, back-up, and web hosting.
  • Setup and configuration of institutional Dates & Events calendar.
  • Centralized institutional support - including data integration
  • Advising on website organization, planning and resource allocation

Customized Web Design, Development and Maintenance

If you’re looking for a customized website, we have a team of experts who will manage your web project from beginning to end.

Our experts are well-versed in best practices for web development as well as new and innovative techniques that allow custom web design and development for web and mobile based applications. From the creation of site maps to the integration of social media strategies, we can design and develop a website that effectively reaches your users. We then ensure your site is maintained to the highest standard so it remains accurate and relevant.

Database Design and Development

For data heavy websites, you may want to have a database to add/edit/delete records so visitors can view content dynamically.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are increasingly sought after as a tool to gain new customers, provide mobile services and enhance learning experiences.

We have the tools to develop mobile applications for all mobile devices on numerous platforms. Whether you want to create a stand-alone application or an app that is part of iUsask, we can design, develop and distribute your app.

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External Suppliers

To ensure compliance, please email before contracting with external suppliers.



From time to time‚ a network service may not be available. Sometimes these periods of unavailability are scheduled‚ in order that the service may be updated or reconfigured in some way. Sometimes these periods occur due to problems with the service. You can check the Web services status page to see if the web servers are operating normally.

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