Flagship Partners

Establishment of the Flagship Partnership will encourage widened, deepened and more integrative relationships between the two universities in the areas of R&D, faculty exchanges, curriculum development, joint programming and student exchanges at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is signed, which signals mutual commitment to the partnership for the duration of the agreement (five years).  It also identifies a high level administrative officer at each institution, VP or Associate VP to be accountable for the agreement and to serve as the primary contact for the agreement.  As well, a specific person/position at each institution will be identified as the primary contact for the partnership responsible for communications and negotiations between the parties.  Labeling the international partner as a FLAGSHIP PARTNERSHIP distinguishes it from other forms of agreements and to clearly indicate that importance of the relationship.

Beijing Institute of Technology

Background on BIT

Located in China’s capital—Beijing, the Beijing Institute of Technology is an open, international and research-oriented university with a focus on science and technology.  It is one of the national “Project 211” universities and the 10th university to enter the “985 Project” receiving preferential support from the state and ranks among the first-class universities in China for its high educational and research quality, strong faculty teams, and academic programs with distinctive characteristics.

U of S Activities with BIT

  • Our relationship can be pursued back to 2005, when the first MOU was establised between the two institutions.
  • We have an established LOI for flagship partnership since 2012
  • Some of our current agreements are: 



U   of S

Agreement   Scope

Addendum to Memorandum of Understanding


College of Graduate Studies and Research

Cooperation (student, faculty & researcher   exchange, potential joint thesis-based Ph.D. program, & DSP)



All colleges

Providing Chinese language teaching resources,   instructors, and holding the HSK examination

Letter of Intent for Flagship Partnership

All colleges

All colleges

flagship partnership: student & faculty   exchange, research & development, and curriculum development

Agreement of Cooperation


College of Arts and Science (Economics)

Dual Undergraduate Degree Programs in Economics and   Business Economics

Memorandum of Agreement

School of Management and Economics

Edwards School of Business

study abroad opportunities, exchanges and   internships, academic, research and scholarly endeavors

Confucius Institute

The U of S and Beijing Institute of Technology co-established the Confucius Institute (CI) at the U of S.  Our CI application was approved by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and an agreement between the U of S and Hanban was formally signed on August 26, 2011.  The opening ceremony of CI was held at the U of S on June 18, 2012. 

The Confucius Institute offers Chinese language and cultural courses not only on campus but also in public schools through our collaboration with the Saskatoon Public School Division. The CI provides a variety of courses that are designed to meet the different needs of Canadian students, faculty members, and the general public, including courses on specific topics in Chinese culture and business practice intended for corporations and organizations interested in expanding their business connections with China.

More information: Confucius Institute