A primary focus of assessment at the University of Saskatchewan is to identify, track, and report on the progress on our strategic goals, quality of our programs/services, and outcomes of our activities.  Establishing metrics and indicators that are clearly defined, measurable, and actionable is essential to understanding where we are achieving results and where opportunities for improvement exist.  As the University of Saskatchewan continues to finalize strategic plans at the institutional and unit levels, Institutional Planning and Assessment is focusing on the alignment of strategies and how progress towards desired outcomes will be measured.  More information will be available here as this work progresses in 2018-2019.  The links below pertain to reports and updates (with performance indicators) relating to previous strategic plans and activities.

Integrated plans

Promise and Potential: Third Integrated Plan

This plan and report were guided by the Strategic Directions developed in 2002.  The report is a final assessment of the 32 commitments stated in the plan.

Towards and Engaged University: Second Integrated Plan

This plan built on the accomplishments of the previous strategic plan by pushing further towards becoming a fully engaged university.  It was also guided by the 2002 Strategic Directions.

A Framework for Action: First Integrated Plan

This was the first ever multi-year, integrated plan that was guided by the Strategic Directions created a year earlier (in 2002).  The plan proposed an ambitious 71 initiatives that are summarized in the final progress report.

Strategic directions

The Strategic Directions guided the creation and implementation of three multi-year planning initiatives.  It proposed four major areas for development that are highlighted in the final report.

Achievement record

based on the 2009 to 2016 time period

The Achievement Record was established with a series of metrics pertinent to strategic areas of focus identified during the 2009-2016 time frame and as an initiative stated in the Second Integrated Plan. Reports were produced annually over this period.

Development of university metrics and key performance indicators are based on the use of our institutional data and systems.  The University Data Warehouse (UDW) and reporting tools provided by Information and Communications Technology are valuable resources in facilitating this work.

More information

For more information and/or assistance on plans, techniques, and tools for developing and tracking metrics and key performance indicators, please contact the Assessment and Analytics team.