Reviews of the various academic, administrative and operational units that comprise the University of Saskatchewan (USask) are of utmost importance. While Academic Program Review will be the primary assessment tool for academic programs, reviews at USask may include any academic unit, administrative unit, service, program or activity. In recognition of the diversity of organizational units and functions on campus, a flexible approach to reviews has been developed. Each administrative and operational unit review begins with the creation of a unique Terms of Reference outlining the purpose and desired outcomes of the review. Supporting resources, including a self-study report, will be designed to provide reviewers with the necessary background information to conduct each type of review.

Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review will systematically review all undergraduate and graduate programs over a 10-year period. The primary purpose of Academic Program Review is to ensure that USask students are provided with the best possible learning experience in a robust learning environment. Reviews will provide opportunity for program teams to critically reflect and engage in a clear and transparent process of assessment of a program’s strengths and weaknesses that will result in valuable recommendations for quality improvement. Review outcomes will inform program revision, renewal, and strategic planning decisions. The review process will demonstrate the University’s accountability to program quality to a wide variety of key stakeholders, including Governments, the University’s governing bodies and the general public.

Academic Program Review will provide a range of benefits to the University, including:

  • Predictable intervals to examine the quality of all programs offered by the University
  • Feedback and quality improvement recommendations from external academic leaders
  • Identification of areas of strength in each program
  • Provision of valuable program information, including student and alumni feedback, to each Department/College/School for internal decision making and planning
  • Opportunities for Deans/Directors to address resource and planning needs related to academic programs
  • Evidence of accountability to program quality for Governments and other stakeholders
  • Improved student learning experiences through a focus on the quality enhancement of teaching and learning

The university’s commitment to the systematic review of academic programs is in line with the standard presented by the Saskatchewan Higher Education Quality Assurance Board (SHEQAB) which states that “The institution implements a periodic external program review and assessment process to ensure the ongoing currency of the program and the quality of its learning outcomes” (Quality Assurance Review Process: Program Review Standards and Criteria, 2014, p. 8).

Review schedule and outcomes

The Academic Program Review schedule of planned activity is currently being assessed and revised to accommodate the impact of COVID-19. A revised schedule will be posted by June 2023.