Integrated planning at the U of S brings together many different planning areas in order to set priorities and allocate resources for the university as a whole. The office of Institutional Planning and Assessment (IPA) oversees the university’s integrated planning activities.

Integrated planning consists of four main areas:

Institutional planning

This portfolio oversees and assesses institutional-level planning activities, including planning processes, initiatives and documents, with a particular focus on foundational documents, integrated plans, and college, school and major administrative unit planning parameters. Institutional planning assists colleges and departments with the preparation of program proposals and program evaluations for University Council, as well as providing advice to key council committees (planning and priorities and academic programs). For more information, please visit

Key planning documents

Primary contact: associate provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment

Resource allocation

This portfolio oversees budget planning, including the multi-year operating budget framework that supports each integrated plan, the university’s operations forecast and operating budget. More...

Primary contact: director, resource allocation and planning, Institutional Planning and Assessment

Capital planning

This portfolio oversees the development of strategic and logistical capital plans that support the university’s physical assets, including buildings and space, land, infrastructure, information and communications technology, and equipment. More...

Primary contact: Office of the Vice-President Finance and Resources


This portfolio oversees institutional-level assessment activities, such as collecting and reviewing institutional data in order to improve programs and service offerings, and measuring progress towards university goals. More...

Primary contact: director, assessment and analytics, Institutional Planning and Assessment