First integrated plan (2003-2007) - full version
First integrated plan (2003-2007) - summary version
Multi-year operating budget framework (2003/04-2006/07)
Updated multi-year operating budget framework, extended to 2007/08
Final report card – progress on the first integrated plan

Guided by the University of Saskatchewan’s strategic directions (2002) and a number of foundational documents, the university community developed its first-ever integrated plan for 2003/04 to 2006/07. The first integrated plan, entitled A Framework for Action, identified institutional priorities and addressed the common concerns of faculty, staff and students during this period. It took on the ambitious task of speaking to the entire institution and moving it toward fulfilling the aspirations captured in the strategic directions. The first integrated plan was accompanied by a multi-year operating budget framework, which outlined a four-year budget to support the priorities and initiatives in the plan.

Strategic initiatives in the first integrated plan were:

  1. Our sense of place
  2. Health
  3. Science, technology and society
  4. Environment
  5. Business and entrepreneurship
  6. Extending community
  7. Public policy