Second integrated plan (2008-2012) - full version
Second integrated plan (2008-2012) - summary version
The 20 commitments
Multi-year operating budget framework for the second integrated plan (2008/09-2011/12)
Multi-year capital plan (2008/09-2011/12)

The second integrated plan, entitled Toward an Engaged University (approved May 2008) committed the University of Saskatchewan to focus on three priorities between 2008/09-2011/12:

  • Improve the undergraduate and graduate student experience, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Enhance the university’s profile in research, scholarly and artistic work
  • Work together more effectively across unit and institutional boundaries

Twenty commitments within the plan generated university-level initiatives to accomplish these aims. Cutting across the three priorities were three institutional imperatives: to engage more fully with Aboriginal peoples; to internationalize the university and the student experience; and to foster innovation throughout the university’s programs and services.

The goal of this plan was to become a more fully engaged university - one that distinguishes itself by the integration of teaching and research, university and community, students and faculty and staff, in focused and collaborative endeavours. An engaged university is a place where faculty, staff and students work with each other in pursuit of common objectives, where research embraces critical issues of importance to society and contributes to the public good, and where partnerships on campus and beyond enrich its work and make the university’s contributions visible and meaningful.