Support Centre Resource Allocation

This information has been approved by the board as of June 26, 2018. The support centres that roll up within the presidential and vice-presidential envelopes are listed below.

Support centres

(1) Represents subsequent adjustments related to unit reorganizations, PCIP-approved incremental funding, and other initiatives that occurred during 2017/18.
(2) PCIP approved a 3.5% reduction at the envelope level. It is under the responsibility of the president and vice-presidents to determine how this reduction is to be distributed amongst the support centres within their respective envelopes.
(3) Adjustments include funding transfers for position funding, internationalization initiatives, and to support the Indigenous engagement strategy.
(4) Adjustments include funding for internationalization initiatives offset by a reduction in funding to VIDO/InterVac.
(5) Adjustments include funding transfers for position funding, land and lease staff costs, and campus software.
(6) Adjustments include funding transfers from the Vice President Finance and Resources envelope for position funding.

Accountability Support centres
President President's office
Secretary's office
Huskie Athletics
Provost and Vice-President Academic Provost / Vice-President Academic office
University Library
College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Vice-Provost Faculty Relations
Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement
Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning and Student Experience
Vice-Provost Health
Institutional Planning & Assessment
Museums & Galleries
Vice-President Finance and Resources Vice-President Finance and Resources office
Information & Communications Technology
People and Resources
Vice-President Research Vice-President Research office
Associate Vice-President Research
Associate Vice-President Health Research
Office of Director of Research
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
Vice-President University Relations Vice-President University Relations office

Revenue Centre Resource Allocation

This information has been approved by the Board of Governors as of June 26, 2018.

Revenue Centres

(1) This represents the change in the TABBS allocation of provincial operating grant (restricted and unrestricted) net indirect costs. The overall decrease is due to decreased provincial operating grant funding available.
(2) Envelopes include a one year lag on tuition allocations. The change in tuition represents the change from 2016/17 actual tuition to 2017/18 forecasted tuition (as at April 5, 2018).
(3) Four percent of the provincial operating grant being allocated to revenue centres was held outside TABBS to be allocated by PCIP based on strategic criteria.
(4) The preliminary envelope represents the resource allocations for 2018/19 prior to updates to final tuition, tuition bridge funding, and other strategic funding decisions.
(5) Calculates the dollar and percentage change between the 2017/18 envelope and the preliminary 2018/19 envelope.
(6) Calculates the dollar change between forecasted tuition (as at April 5, 2018) and final year-end tuition.
(7) Tuition bridge funding is used to fund requests promoting strategic initiatives that create enrolment and tuition growth in revenue. This term funding was provided to revenue centres with strategic initiatives underway with related enrolment and tuition growth costs incurring during 2018/19. 
(8) The envelope represents the resource allocations for 2018/19 prior to other strategic funding decisions.

Information on RCM

Please follow this link for more information on responsibility centre management, responsibility centres, resource allocation and the TABBS model.