The tables found below summarize budget recommendations that the senior administration intends to take to the Board of Governors at its next meeting. The Board is the ultimate authority in these matters and so these figures should be treated as preliminary. You will have questions, no doubt. Please direct them to your Dean, Executive Director or unit head but know that in many cases your questions will not have immediate answers. More information will be shared when it is available.

Michael Atkinson

Support Centre Resource Allocation

This information will go to the board for consideration and approval in June 2017. The support centers that roll up within the presidential and vice-presidential envelopes are listed below.
Support Centre Schedule

Accountability Support centres
President President's office
Secretary's office
Huskie Athletics
Provost and Vice-President Academic Provost / Vice-President Academic office
University Library
College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Vice-Provost Faculty Relations
Vice-Provost Teaching & Learning
Vice-Provost Health
Institutional Planning & Assessment
Museums & Galleries
Vice-President Finance and Resources Vice-President Finance and Resources office
Information & Communications Technology
Audit Services
Corporate Administration
Financial Services
Facilities Management Division
Human Resource Division
Consumer Services Division
Vice-President Research Vice-President Research office
Toxicology Centre
Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre
International Centre for Norther Governance and Development
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
Vice-President University Relations Vice-President University Relations office

Revenue Centre Resource Allocation

This information will go to the board for consideration and approval in June 2017.Revenue Centre Schedule


To review the 2017/18 Resource Allocation methodology, please follow this link for an overview.

Information on RCM

Please follow this link for more information on responsibility centre management, responsibility centres, resource allocation and the TABBS model.