Office team

Picture of Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams Executive Administrative Assistant

Jen provides administrative support to the President’s Office staff including chief of staff, executive projects officer, senior strategist, and executive assistant. She also organizes special events for the President’s Office.

Picture of Julian Demkiw

Julian Demkiw Chief of Staff

Julian is responsible for directing the administration of the President’s Office, taking on special projects as needed, and working with senior administrators, key staff and faculty in order to assist the president in achieving his goals.

Picture of Sandra Duarte

Sandra Duarte Executive Projects Officer

Sandra provides high-level projects-based support to the President’s Office and other senior leaders. She works to strategize, organize and implement projects by supporting multiple individuals and offices as needed.

Picture of Jean Goldie

Jean Goldie Executive Assistant (Projects and Programs)

Jean is responsible for supporting several annual projects and programs that originate from the President’s Office. She handles finances, coordinates the President’s Service Awards and organizes special events.

Picture of Jamie Miley

Jamie Miley Senior Strategist, Government and Public Relations

Jamie is responsible for working closely with government representatives at all levels, and supporting the work of the President's Office and the wider campus community in building and maintaining those key relationships.

Picture of  Kathy Nazarali

Kathy Nazarali Executive Assistant

Kathy is responsible for the day-to-day management of the president’s schedule and is the primary contact for those seeking the president’s time or attention.