University Staff Excellence Awards (formerly the President's Service Award)

The awards

The selection committee for the University Staff Excellence Awards (formerly the President's Service Award) has announced it is inviting nominations. The University Staff Excellence Awards are presented semi-annually to a non-academic staff member of the university.

The award honors individuals who have enhanced the work environment by providing extraordinary service to the university community, who have inspired, supported and respected the endeavours of others and have achieved this distinction through dedication and commitment.

All members of the non-academic staff who are currently working at the university are eligible for nomination. The winner will receive special recognition of an award of $1,000 and a choice of a specially designed pin or ring. Two awards are presented annually, one each at spring and fall convocation.

Nomination forms

To submit a nomination, please complete the nomination form or contact the President's Office at 966-6681. Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the President's Office no later than March 31.

Past recipients

  • 2017:  Pam Komonoski (spring), Margret Asmuss (fall)
  • 2016: Candace Wasacase-Lafferty (spring), Liz Scott (fall)
  • 2015: Rae Bourner (spring), Margaret Brown (fall)
  • 2014: Marlene Fehr (spring), Michele Derksen (fall)
  • 2013: Laura Kennedy (spring), Lennard Fox (fall)
  • 2012: Allan Stuchenko (spring), Heather Lukey (fall)
  • 2011: Cathie Fornssler (spring), Bryan Bilokreli (fall)
  • 2010 Spring: Gordon Herman (spring), Edna Jen Warrington (fall)
  • 2009: Parkash Virdi (spring), Patrick Hayes (fall)
  • 2008: Lynn Guina (spring), Catherine Gunderson (fall)
  • 2007: Val Arnault-Pelletier (spring), Barb Gillis (fall)
  • 2006: Pauline Melis (spring), Brad Steeves (fall)
  • 2005: Dave Bocking (spring), Norma McBain (fall)
  • 2004: Howie Salisbury (spring), Peter Herd (fall)
  • 2003: Eileen Herteis (spring), Danielle Fortosky (fall)
  • 2002: Heather Kuttai (spring), Colleen Teague (fall)
  • 2001: Grace Milashenko (spring), Merry Beazely (fall)
  • 2000: Merv Prysiazniuk (spring), Dorothy Austen (fall)
  • 1999: Elaine Angielski (spring), Bob Cram (fall)
  • 1998: Evelyn Peters (spring), Wendy Bates (fall)
  • 1997: Eileen McLean (spring), Jaquie Fraser (fall)
  • 1996: Rhoda Miko (spring), Kurt Tischler (fall)
  • 1995: Neil Richards (fall)

For more information on the awards receipients, please visit view the Convocation program.

President's fund - sponsorship

The president’s fund sponsors activities and events that relate to the current priorities of the president. In order to guide sponsorship, the following strategy has been implemented to evaluate requests made for support from the fund:

  1. University of Saskatchewan connection: Activities sponsored by the president’s fund require a strong connection to the University of Saskatchewan. Such activity would normally be administered by a college, department or unit of the university or by a student organization endorsed by the university. The goal of this tenet is to ensure donor funds given to the university remain at the university as much as is reasonably possible. Activities external to the institution will be considered of low priority.
  2. Student activities: Those activities that have that most direct impact on students will be given stronger consideration.
  3. One-time/term funding:  The fund is intended to provide one-time or term funding for new activities and should not be used to provide ongoing or permanent funding support. It is hoped the fund can be used for one-time activities or for providing an injection of funding to implement a new activity. In some cases, consideration of multi-year funding may be considered, but those circumstances would be the exception and not the rule.
  4. Innovation: Activities that are considered unique and innovative will be given strong consideration. This tenet is in place because it is often difficult to identify start-up funding to support such activities.

To apply, please complete the president's fund sponsorship application form. To submit your completed application, please email Julian Demkiw, chief of staff, or deliver a printed copy to:

Room 212, Peter MacKinnon Building
107 Administration Place
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon SK S7N 5A2